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Welcome to my blog!

Today is the first day of blogging for me. I am a full time songwriter , so it's really just another day of writing. I had two writing sessions scheduled for today, but both got canceled, so I'm catching up on some song catalog maintenance, website updating and blogging!

I truly enjoy what I do. It's a divine and mystical thing.

My hope is to share some of those experiences, my biggest mistakes and what I'd do differently, and any little nuggets of wisdom I've learned along the way.

I live in Hohenwald, Tennessee and commute to Nashville 3-4 days a week, so I see alot of cool things along the way! It ravel the Natchez Trace Parkway as much as possible, so I'll share some of the cool waterfalls, caves, and hiking trails along the way to Music City!

I will also will be posting some behind the scenes pics, snippets of unreleased work tapes, and a few cover videos!

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Thanks , and God Bless!

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