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K E L L I    J O H N S O N

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Kelli Johnson

"Writing my life story, one song at a time "

        Born and raised in North Alabama , Kelli Johnson was steeped in a diverse range of influences, from Bluegrass, Country, Gospel, Motown, to Rock and Pop. Her rootsy twang, powerhouse vocals and Award-Winning songwriting, have allowed her to develop that distinctive style that is all her own

      As a Singer Songwriter, Kelli pours her heart and soul into every song she writes. Her music has connected with audiences across the world and has been featured in national TV commercials, independent films, and recordings by popular independent and major label artists alike. 

Her music is a reflection of her personality - authentic, honest, and relatable.

She strives to create music that tells a meaningful story and evokes emotion in listeners.


 Kelli has toured as a solo artist, with Bluegrass favorites The Distant Cousins and Sweetwater Road, and as a duo with multi-instrumentalist Barry Waldrep.

Kelli lives just outside Nashville, TN where she continues to write, perform, and coach other creatives.

"Power of a Woman" acoustic version featuring Colbie Caillat!
written by : Drake White, Kelli Johnson, and Lindsey Hinkle

Drake White & Colbie Caillat

"The Optimystic"
written by : Drake White, Kelli Johnson, and Lauren Weintraub

Power of A Woman
written by : Drake White, Kelli Johnson, and Lindsey Hinkle


Colorful Records

Featured Artist

Kelli is a Featured Artist on Barry Waldrep's Tribute to Tony Rice , and also sings background vocals on tracks featuring Marty Raybon and Vince Gill.

Barry Waldrep TRT.jpg

      Bluegrass instrumentalist and producer Barry Waldrep is releasing a special tribute to bluegrass guitarist Tony Rice. The 21-song project, Barry Waldrep and Friends Celebrate Tony Rice, will be available everywhere on Dec. 24 and features an all-star lineup of bluegrass, Americana, and country royalty.

Among some of the guests on the upcoming project are Rodney Crowell, Jim Lauderdale, Warren Haynes, and Oteil Burbridge, alongside Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Spooner Oldham and Patrick Simmons and country’s Vince Gill and Emmylou Harris.

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 7.41.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 7.42.12 AM.png


As Good As it Gets - Allie Colleen

As Good As it Gets
Allie Colleen

Bailey James, Mia Morris - Bitter

Bailey James & Mia Morris

bless your heart.jpeg

Bless Your Heart
The Dryes


Home Wasn't Built in a Day
Todd Tilghman


Home Wasn't Built in a Day (Acoustic Version )
Todd Tilghman


Christmas is Callin'
The Dryes

dan washburn good day

Good Day
Dan Washburn

Grandpa'a Rocking Chair
Hands of Time

Brittany Moore - Dropped Some Weight

Dropped Some Weight
Brittany Moore


Gentleman Jack
Ava Paige

ericca latza.jpeg
Bailey James - I Feel A Sin

Home To Me
Ericca Latza

I Feel A Sin
Bailey James

Worth The Wait .png
Dusty Leigh - Love You Like You're Leaving

Last Love

Jon Mullins

Love You Like You're Leaving
Dusty Leigh

Love You Like You're Leaving
Worth The Wait

Judy Paster - My Better Half ( acoustic version)

My Better Half (Acoustic Version )
Judy Paster

My Better Half - Judy Paster
My Next Ex- Gina Jones
Gina Jones - My Next Ex

My Better Half
Judy Paster

My Next Ex
Gina Jones

My Next Ex
Gina Jones

Olivia Harms - Neon Blue

Neon Blue
Olivia Harms

power of a woman.png
Ashton Brooke Gill - Running Out Of Reasons
The Bluegrass Soul Pickers - Somebody in Alabama Loves You

Power of A Woman
Drake White

Running Out of Reasons
Ashton Brooke Gill

Somebody in Alabama Loves You
Bluegrass Soul Pickers

Pam Thrower and Shine

Somebody in Alabama
Loves You

Pam Thrower & Shine

Rick Harris - Somebody in Alabama Loves You

Somebody in Alabama
Loves You

Rick Harris


Sugar Rush
Kristen Merlin


Sweet Home Oklahoma
Ava Rose Johnson

tempt the devil.jpeg
Worth The Wait .png
Worth The Wait .png

Tempt The Devil
Taylor Austin Dye

Time Well Wasted
Worth the Wait


The Author
Ashton Brooke Gill


The Kinder Kind
Worth The Wait 

Worth The Wait .png

The Optimystic
Drake White 

Time Well Wasted
Worth the Wait



Featured in Guitar Player Magazine!


water me down.png

Water Me Down
Taylor Austin Dye


Waylon Warned Me
Trace Thompson

Graham Bramlett -What  Do You Do

What Do you Do
Graham Bramlett


White Horse (The Forgotten)
Dylan Jarvis


Whole World Blind
 Nick Mowery

Johnson, Cone and Ryan - What You Want From Me

What You Want From Me
Johnson, Cone and Ryan

Meyers Ethridge - World's On Fire

World's On Fire
Meyers Ethridge

Ava Paige - Wrapped Up in Ribbon .png

Wrapped in Ribbon
Ava Paige

ericca latza.jpeg

Ericca Latza


You Can't Have My Dog
Drake White

Joe Martin - Your Love Aint The Only Thing Keeping Me Awake

Your Love Ain't The Only Thing
Joe Martin

Drake White - The Optimystic
written by Kelli Johnson , Lauren Weintraub, and Drake White

Drake White - Power of A Woman
written by Kelli Johnson , Lindsey Hinkle ,and Drake White

Riley Green - "Alcohol of Fame"
written by Riley Green, Kelli Johnson, and Drake White
​ from  Instagram


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Kelli Johnson -  "Matches"  on Music City Roots

Kelli Johnson - "Matches" on Music City Roots

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"Dangerous" -  Kelli Johnson

"Dangerous" - Kelli Johnson

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"Behind This Guitar"   Kelli Johnson

"Behind This Guitar" Kelli Johnson

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"Girls Like Me"  -  Kelli Johnson

"Girls Like Me" - Kelli Johnson

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Do you have questions about songwriting, or are you wanting to improve your songwriting?

With over 25 years in the music business, I have learned a lot of "what not to do's" and a lot of proven methods that have

elevated my music to the next level.

In our One-on-one creative coaching sessions I will focus entirely on you. I consider your particular songwriting goals and design a course of action.

Sometimes sessions involve teaching — for example guidance on chord progressions, melody composition, lyrics, or song form. Other times we work entirely on your songs. I help move through obstacles, make tough decisions, consider alternatives, locate and meet needs, and cross the finish line of the songs you most want to write.

Whether you're just beginning, or ready to take your songs to pitch songs and gain artist cuts , the tips and tools that we discuss will help take your craft to the next level!

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